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Eolian Bijou

We make your weekend unique!!! There's no time to lose!!! Reward yourself a Bijou!!!


A lot of news to choice a weekend at the Eolian Milazzo hotel: Four topics: love, luxury relax, family, Art and culture, customised for every exigency. It's really simple to make use of it! Call our number at 090-9221992 or send us an e-mail at info@eolianmilazzohotel.com and make sure that there's the availability of a room for you! but remember that Eolian Bijou is valid within a year after the purchase date.


* The Bijou boxes ar not valid in August.


L'Eolian Milazzo Hotel può dare la possibilità di far trasformare il vostro soggiorno in una vera e propria esperienza