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Excursion to Montalbano Elicona

Declared the best boroughof Italy 2015, Montalbano Elicona is a little village/town populated by almost 2.480 inhabitants in the province of Messina. It is about 48 km away from Milazzo. The town is fully plunged/absorbed in a marvellous landscape 900 meters above the sea, it is directed to the North and faces the Eolian Islands. For the visitor, walking among little streets to reach the castle, to appreciate its medieval architecture, to visit its workshops represents a full immersion in a place without time, simple and authentic in which history and nature create a perfect combination of feelings and a unique beauty. Going up the hill, at about 7 km from the borough you can find the suggestive and particularly remarkable Argimusco highland with its megalith(s) is considered the italian ‘Stonehenge’. Argimusco belongs to/is part of Malabotta wood, known as the most ancient of Sicily and named ‘The Fairy Wood’.


  • The Borough ( 8 hours)

Let’s start from Milazzo at 9:00 to arrive to Montalbano Elicona at 10:00. Here we will meet our guide who will take us among the borough alleys. It will be a peaceful  promenade, a trip to a past/ancient  time that will lead us to Frederick III of Aragon  Medieval castle. We will visit the inside/interns, the armory exhibit,  the Royal Chapel remains that are known to have supervised the rest of Arnaldo of Villanova.

We will continue the visit by going to the museum Medio-Expo where medieval dresses/clothes are exposed that are used for the historic parade that takes place every year in the month of august during Medieval days. After a panoramic stop(?) we will taste local products, like the famous ‘Provola’ and wheat bread in one of the typical workshop. We will also have the opportunity to visit some  hand-painted ceramic, wood and leather workshop(s). We will then catch the bus that/which will take us to lunch in a well-known restaurant where we will enjoy typical local dishes made by the chef using exclusively seasonal products. You will have time to take a short walk. The return at the hotel is expected to be around 17. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and winter clothing/clothes


  • Argimusco (8 hours length)

We leave Milazzo at 09:00 in order to arrive around 10:30 to the Altopiano dell’Argimusco at the altitude of 1.200 mt slm. Our guide, who will be waiting for us, will lead us through a traced path to see the Megaliths ,which origins are mysterious, made up of stones of curious and different shapes ranging from flora to fauna. The most famous are L’Aquila e L’Orante. The visit is very unique and suggestive, just like the different landscapes ranging from Peloritani mountain chain to Nebrodi, from Mount Etna to Tyrrehnian Coast and the Aeolian islands. At the end of the tour we will go down to Montalbano Elicona where we wil have the opportunity of a brief and free promenade of about 30 minutes through the borough’s roads. We’ll get to the bus that will take us to a renowned restaurant to have lunch where we will enjoy the chef’s dishes realized only with tipical and seasonal products. Time for a brief promenade and return to the Hotel planned at around 5 pm. We recommend comfortable shoes and winter clothes considering the temperature variation compared to the coast.